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nrNameTitleSecond chairgroup
If applicable
Adaptation Physiology Group
1 Mariska van Asselt Animal welfare and public health: a contradiction?
2 Moniek van den Bosch Maternal nutrition of sows in relationship with still born piglets ANU
3 Eline Burgers Lactatie op Maat
4 Bahadir Guz Healthy bones for broiler chickens
5 Jesse Heijmans Effect of broiler breeder nutrition on egg characteristics and chick quality
6 Maarten Hollemans Effects of early nutrition on development and performance of broiler chickens ANU
7 Allyson Ipema Assessing the potential of insects to reduce the environmental impact of livestock production and improve livestock health and welfare in concert
8 Lu Luo Effects of environmental enrichment in piglets; Interaction between behaviour
9 Junnan Ma Optimizing lactation length for dairy cows to improve health and performance
10 Francesca Marcato Robust and healthy calves
11 Anouschka Middelkoop Stimulating early foraging in piglets to accelerate their
12 Anne van den Oever Nesting behaviour of broilers breeders BHE
13 Jan Wijnen Robustness of broilers
14 Wei Xu Non-invasive Biomarkers for Health and Metabolism in Diary Cows
15 Lisette van der Zande SmartResilience: towards a sustainable, future-oriented pig production system that supports and predicts resilience and welfare in pigs
Animal Breeding and Genetics Group
1 Esinam Amuzu Utilizing non-additive effects in genomic cross breeding schemes of laying hens
2 Mandy Bao Genetics of disease resistance in chicken
3 Renzo Bonifazi International genetic/genomic evaluation of beef cattle
4 Chiara Bortoluzzi EU Image
5 Tessa Brinker Genomic Solutions for Socially Affected Traits
6 Juan Cordero-Solorzano Antibody quality of colostrum and milk in dairy cows and uptake of colostral antibodies in dairy calves: importance for health and
7 Vinicius Henrique Da Silva Genetic research on songbirds
8 Martijn Derks Animal genetics on detection
9 Gareth Difford Genetic control of methane emission, feed efficiency and metagenomics in dairy cattle
10 Harmen Doekes Image project
11 Pascal Duenk GenolViiX: Utilizing crossbred information to accelerate genetic progress
12 Zih-Hua Fang Genomics of bovine milk proteïn composition
13 Benan Gulzari Integrated breeding in aquaculture
14 Esther van der Heide Smart animal breeding with advance machine learning
15 Kasper Janssen An Economic evaluation of selective breeding in European Aquaculture
16 Ibrahim Jibrila WLR B4F Gen Pred
17 Fasil Kebede Landscape genomic approaches to understand adaptive genetic variation and optimize the design of sustainable smallholder chicken breeding programmes
18 Henri van Kruistum Livebearing Fish
19 Lim Lee CNV in livestock genomes: from molecular biology all the way to application in breeding (B4F DNA)
20 Langqing Liu Genome Evolution of Suidae (pig species)
21 Maria Lozano Jaramillo Development & evaluation of poultry breeding programs for smallholders in Africa
22 Haibo Lu The genetic background of milk protein synthesis
23 Wossenie Mebratie The Genomics of Feed Conversion Efficiency in Poultry
24 Samuel Mengistu Closing the yield gap: increasing survival and production efficiency in smallholder farms of
25 Robert Onzima Genetic analysis to enhance utilization of indigenous goat breeds of Uganda
26 Marieke Poppe B4F Resil
27 Jip Ramakers Fitness consequences of seasonal timing in the great tit (Parus Major)
28 Biaty Raymond Towards precision breeding using genomic prediction (topbreed) MAT
29 Priadi Setyawan Optimized design of a breeding program for saline tolerant tilapia
30 Grum Teklewold Fine mapping and genomic selection for detailed milk
31 Chu Tuan Thinh Genetic evaluation of feed efficiency of tropical adapted chicken in Sub-Saharan Africa
32 Maulik Upadhyay A genomic breeding program that use primitive cattle breeds to re-generate the aurochs
33 Irene Verhagen The mechanism underlying timing of reproduction
34 Lisanne Verschuren Pen performance of pigs: bridging genetics and nutrition
35 Qiuyu Wang The combined use of milk infrared profiles and genoptypes to predict dairy cattle phenotypes
36 Zhou Wu Detection and use of dwarfism genes in poultry
37 Shuwen Xia BINGO project GEN
38 Siyuan Xing Molecular regulatory mechanisms of body fat distribution in chicken
39 Xiaofei Yu Breeding for resilience: genomic architecture of selection for salinity and hypoxia tolerance in Tilapia
40 Yun Yu Genetic cause of follicular thyroid cancer in Dutch German Longhair Pointers
Animal Nutrition Group
1 Sholeha Binti Abd Rahim Feed intake stimulation of dairy cows
2 Gavin Boerboom Trace minerals with Chelator and the effect on oxidative status
3 Edward Diehl The response of supply organs of young broilers fed different nutritional levels
4 Miranda Elling-Staats Dynamics of proteolytic fermentation and the effects on intestinal health of broilers
5 Rik van Erp Influence of starch digestion kinetics on performance of growing pigs
6 Emily Frehen van Calmthout A liquid based early feeding concept for broiler chickens: effects on performance and intestinal health
7 Roselinde Goselink Nutrition and management of periparturient dairy cattle
8 Yuan He Improving Roughages Quality in Promoting the Efficiency of Feed Utilization in Dairy Cattle
9 Yixin Hu Kinetics of Ca and P digestion and absorption in pigs and poultry
10 Dengke Hua Formation mechanism of negative energy balance (NEB) and control regulation during early lacation
11 Kim Jannink A Feed-Forward Approach of New Knowledge Arising from Human Nutritional Studies in Susceptible Groups to Application in Animal Nutrition
12 Fang Lyu A novel method to determine particle breakage and equivalent particle size of animal feed ingredients and their relationship with animal performance
13 Lei Mao the use of fungi to degrade lignin of low quality organic (waste) PBR
14 Annemarie Mens Early nutrition and Feather Pecking
15 Leonel Neto Leal Dietary supplementation of vitamin E and polyphenols on meat color and stability traits in light weight lambs
16 Huyen Nguyen Thi Duong Huyen Ruminants project (titel nog nader te bepalen)
17 Kelly Nichols Improving protein efficiency in dairy cows
18 Lennard Pisa Circular Economy project on developing houseflies for feed
19 Eli Ratni More milk and meat from straw PBR
20 Rainer Rauch NPN nutrition/physiology in ruminants in a broader sense, specifics TBC later
21 Marijke Schop Developing a nutrient based dynamic mechanistic digestion model for growing pigs
22 Chantal Schot NWO-CCC Project Lung Health in Calves
23 Lotte Stokvis Early Nutrition and Feather Pecking
24 Tianyue (Linda) Tang Utilizing the growth potential of piglets in a novel, integrated multi-litter housing system for sows and piglets
25 Michel Verwoolde Transgenerational nutritional programming, epigenetic inheritance and imprinting in the gut immune system ADP
26 Fang Wang Molecular mechanisms in milk protein synthesis in dairy cow mammary epithelial cells: MRCKα-mediated regulation of protein synthesis
27 Hee Kum (Gary) Wong Feed and product quality in poultry
Animal Production Systems Group
1 Daniel Akakpo Grain legume residues as a livestock feed resource for PPS
2 Titis Anugraheni Putri Apdini Feed management practices and sustainable intensification of dairy production in Indonesia
3 John Barry Rearing calves in the post quotaera
4 Robin Crossley The welfare of dairy cows in grass-based systems
5 Stephanie Duku Gender roles and sheep production in crop-livestock farming systems in the transition zone of Ghana
6 Simon Fraval Nutritional security for crop-livestock systems with a vulnerable environmental base
7 Anita Frehner Analysing food systems: dietary patterns under the aspect of sustainability and human health
8 Leah Germer Can livestock jointly address food security and climate challenges?
9 Ollie van Hal The role of livestock in sustainable and healthy food production
10 Donagh Hennessy Optimising land use in Ireland from an economic and environmental perspective
11 Heleen van Kernebeek The role of animals in a sustainable consumption pattern PPS
12 Cindy Klootwijk Competitiveness of future milk produced from grazing: a socio-economic and ecological perspective
13 Louise Kremer Identification of biomarkers of stress and positive emotions in dairy cows
14 Bhavana Kuchimanchi Impacts of Livestock Intensification on Ecosystem Services in a watershed context
15 Steven Matema Livestock and competing claims on natural resources at the population-land-livestock nexus in Mbire District in the Mid-Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe PPS
16 Sally Migose Breeding decisions and dairy value chain development in Kenya
17 Shilpi Misra Water foot printing and water use reduction of Irish pig production
18 Abigail Muscat Battle for Biomass: Tackling the food-feed-fuel dilemma
19 Avhafunani Netshipale Land reform and livelihood strategies
20 Simon Nyokabi Local and International business collaboration for productivity
21 Aisling O Connor Economic and environmental impact of diseases in Irish grass-based dairy farming
22 Alejandro Parodi Parodi Assessing the potential of insects to reduce the environmental impact of livestock production and improve livestock health and welfare in concert
23 Ylva Ran Livestock-waterlinkagesacrossscales - Interactions, trade-offs and opportunities comparing farming systems in developing....
24 Alison Sinnott Implications of and solutions for labour shortages associated with calf rearing
25 Aimable Uwizeye Methodologies and indicators for Nutrient use efficiency along the livestock supply chains
26 Margret Wenker  The implications of cow-calf rearing for dairy calf health and welfare
27 Windi Al Zahra Manure management Indonesia
Aquaculture and Fisheries Group
1 Md Iftakharul Alam Mangrove-Polders, i.e. Selection of mangrove species to optimise aquaculture based livelihoods and biodiversity in climate smart designed polders of Bangladesh
2 Nekane Alzorriz Gamiz Evaluation of the design and implementation of discards policies under catch-based fisheries management regimes
3 Erik Boman Population dynamics and role in the food chain of the Queen
4 Wouter van Broekhoven Carrying capacity for seed mussel collectors
5 Shah Chowdhury Shore Protection with Oyster Reefs to Enhance Climate Change Adaptation and Aquaculture in Bangladesh
6 Goncalo De Abreu Santos The effects of chronic stress on energy metabolism, welfare and immunity of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax).
7 Yale Deng Micobiota in RAS: do they affect fish health and fish nutrition?
8 Folasade Esther Elesho Feed intake in fish: dietary and environmental impacts
9 Ruben Groot Exploring the use of net energy evaluation for salmonids
10 Ralf van Hal Climate change impact on the North Sea demersal fisch community
11 Devi Hermsen Nutritious System Pond Farming
12 Jeroen Huisman Assessment of efficiency of fishpasses in small tributaries of the Waddensea
13 Grace Hutubessy Maximizing post-release survival of trap by-catch
14 Kazi Kabir Natural and supplemental foods - a winning team for shrimp and .....
15 Davood Karimi Energy and health balances in fish farms using recycling aquaculture systems
16 Vivi (Paraskevi) Koletsi Sensitivity of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) to mycotoxins
17 Gauthier Konnert Effect of muscle growth dynamics on nutritional requirements of Nile tilapia
18 Roel Maas Green Aquafeeds
19 Edison Macusi Effort allocation of mixed fisheries on tuna AEW
20 Marit Nederlof Goods and services integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA)
21 Widhya Nugroho Satrioajie Habitat Selection of Juvenile Tuna in Relation to FAD sand Ocean Productivity AEW
22 Happy Kokwenda Peter Effort allocation and the impact of eutrophication and size selective fishing of the Nile perch stock - Lake Victoria, Tanzania
23 Thuat Phan Species related differences in NE-formulas in fish
24 Edward Schram Adsorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol in fish
25 Thomas Staessen Bile Acids
26 Twan Stoffers Fish communities in river-floodplain areas along the lower River Rhine
27 Tinh Tran Algae-bacteria interaction in shrimp ponds
28 Apriana Vinasyiam Valorisation of plant based residues for fish production through biofloc technology
Behavioural Ecology Group
1 Nina Bircher Sexual selection in the wild: males ongand female choice in great tits (Parus major)
2 Jerine van der Eijk Effects of early life gut microbiota on the development of feather pecking in laying hens ADP
3 Ineke van Herwijnen Dog-directed parenting styles, effect on canine quality of life
4 Krista van den Heuvel Ecological epigenetics and the brain: the evolutionary consequences of epigenomic modifications in a songbird
5 Hugo Loning Communication and breeding decisions in wild zebrafinches
6 Bernice Sepers DNA methylation and its influence on exploratory behaviour in great tits
7 Malou van der Sluis Individual tracking of animals kept in groups
Cell Biology and Immunology Group
1 Eltijani Awatif Innate immune responses to fish viruses
2 Julia Celis Moreno Stopping the itch
3 Eva Doro Biological activities of membrane and soluble TNFalpha and establishment of the trypanosome model in zebrafish
4 Biological activities of membrane and soluble TNFalpha and establishment of the trypanosome model in zebrafish
5 Mirelle Geervliet Mucosal gut and airway immune competence and resilience against external
6 Mark Goldman Novel vaccination strategies against SVCV and KHV in carp
7 Xiaoqian Gong Activation and Evasion of the antiviral response by IBV (tentative, it might still change)
8 Sem Jacobs In vivo dynamics of a developing immune response: real-time imaging of antigen uptake and immune cell trafficking in zebrafish EZO
9 Paulina Krzysica EFRO Faag op Maat
10 Adria Lopez Nadal Fishing for functional feed
11 Jules Petit NoWaste
12 Mojtaba Porbahaie Effects of bovine immunoglobulins on human immune function
13 Sandra Vreman Development livestock vaccines
14 Annelieke Wentzel Conservation of macrophage polarization
Experimental Zoology Group
1 Pim Boute Modelling the effects of electrical stimulation on marine fish and invertebrates
2 Antoine Cribellier How to catch a mosquito? The flight response of mosquitoes to odors and air gusts produced by odor-baited traps
3 Myrthe Dekker Does the placenta drive the evolution of sexual selection?
4 Pulkit Goyal To be as nimble as a bee: A bio-inspired sensory-motor system for gust control of Micro Air Vehicles
5 Andres Hagmayer Functional advantage of the placenta and superfetation in Poeciliopsis retropinna
6 Sebastian Henrion Mechanisms of manoeuvrability through undulating fins
7 Julian Langowski Secure and gentle grip of delicate biological tissues
8 Elsa Quicazan Rubio Muscle function in fish swimming
9 Wouter van Veen Aerodynamics & Biomechanics of mosquito flight
10 Cees Voesenek Fluid muscle interaction of free swimming zebra fish larvae
11 Lana de Vries Bumblebees in the spotlight
Farm Technology Group
1 Ingrid van Dixhoorn Resilience in production animals FTE
2 Nedup Dorji The welfare and health of yaks in transhumance farming systems in Bhutan APS
3 Xiangyu Song Individual cow care model - A sustainable future in precision dairy farming
4 Ellen van Weeghel Verenigen van heterogene behoeften in Ontwerpen voor Systeeminnovatie van duurzame veehouderijsystemen
5 Mengting Zhou Design of a model-based control system for a hybrid ventilation of dairy cattle buildings
Host-Microbe Interactomics
1 Agnieszka Bem Structure and function of an essential TSC drug target in pathogenic Streptococci
2 Raka Choudhury Stimulating early foraging in piglets to accelerate their development and improve their performance around weaning
3 Isabela Fernandes de Oliveira EU CARTNET
4 Simen Fredriksen Microbiome fortification for healtier pigs through metagenomics-driven culturomics and microbial bioactive metabolite discovery
5 Alex Gussak Implementation of CRISPRi in Streptococcus suis
6 Bart van der Hee Post-weaning diarrhea in pigs MIB
Human and Animal Physiology Group
1 Anna Bekebrede Understanding the impact of protein fermentation end-products on pig intestinal metabolic health to optimize its barrier
2 Natasja Costermans Improving piglet bitrth weight and litter uniformity by studying ovarian folicular development ADP
3 Joelle Janssen A Dietary Approach To Improve Innate Immune Health
4 Iyabo Oluseyifunmi The relation between energy metabolism and reproduction
Marine Animal Ecology
1 Inger van den Bosch Insight into habitat use of harbour porpoises for conservation and good North Sea management
2 Mert Gokalp BIOGENINK
3 Alwin Hylkema Variables determining the biodiversity and productivity of artificial reefs
4 Ewout Knoester Facilitating the facilitators: advance coral reef restoration using the services of natural reef inhabitants
5 Christiaan De Leeuw Marine biodiversity through time: the relative role of stochastic and deterministic processes in the assembly of ecological communities
6 Diede Maas Population response to predicted marine climate scenarios
7 Achmad Sahri Optimizing marine park management for cetaceans in Wakatobi
8 Mischa Streekstra Adaptation of marine organisms to increasing CO2 levels
9 Erik Wurz Multiple stress effects on deep-sea sponges
Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology Group
1 Joaquin Barca Tarigo Udder health and immunosuppression during the transition period in dairy cows under pastured-based systems of milk production
2 Hongrui Cui Factors influencing the mutation rate of avian influenza virus
3 Anna Maria Gamza Modelling spread of bacteria between farm animals to assess the effect of new control measures
4 Renate Hakze-van der Honing Hepatitis E virus infection and epidemiology
5 Olajide Owolodun Molecular Epidemiology of Hepatitis E virus in pigs in Nigeria
6 Xue Pan The response to influenza vaccination in the field and in experiments
1 Natasha Longworth Optimising decision making for prevention, monitoring and control of Avian Influenza